With no limit on the number of VMs or environment size.

Our award winning service includes:

  • Save ~20% on cloud invoices by moving to Azure

  • Free migration from GCP to Azure

  • Free 24/7 Microsoft Premier Azure support

  • Free Advisory, Assistance and Optimizations

  • Migrations typically start within 5 days

  • Terms and conditions may apply

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Realize immediate ROI with our Free Azure Migration

This service is brought to you by Henson Group.  We are Microsoft's #1 Azure CSP reseller and an award-winning Gold Certified Partner focused on the deployment of Microsoft technologies for U.S. and international companies. For over 15 years, Microsoft and its partners have recommended us for licensing, consulting, and managed services to corporations large and small.

The majority of our architects, engineers, and developers are former Microsoft employees, which means we have relationships with Microsoft product groups and executives that give us access to roadmaps and knowledge not generally available to our competitors. Today, we have more than 650 employees and associates servicing hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. From cloud and on-premise support to licensing—we consistently deliver world-class results for our clients worldwide.

Henson Group's Mission Statement:

    "Our mission is to be the best and most trusted cloud solutions partner globally.  We do this by offering hassle free migrations and world class support, simple and transparent cloud licensing, reliable and responsive customer service, and on-time/on-budget consulting services."

Areas of Expertise

  • Licensing for Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365

  • Azure migrations from AWS, GCP, and others

  • Azure Stack deployments On-Premises

  • Azure IaaS migrations to Azure PaaS services

  • Azure performance optimization assessments

  • Azure High-Availability recommendations

  • Azure cost reduction reviews

  • Azure security audits

  • Azure penetration testing

  • Azure VM monitoring

  • Azure PaaS monitoring

  • Free Office 365 migrations including SharePoint

  • Free Dynamics 365 migrations 

  • Free Microsoft 365, EMS and Intune deployments

  • Outsourced IT Provider and MSP

  • Desktop/Laptop end user device support

  • Mobile end user device support

Who we Are

  • We are a privately-owned company successfully delivering only the best quality services

  • From starting with one employee, we now have over 650 including affiliates

  • We grew from a start-up to a multinational company

  • We are forward in thinking and design, believing in ‘we’ over ‘I’

  • We obsess over minutia

  • We are active in the pursuit of equality & support our communities

  • We provide consistently good service & consistently deliver on-time

  • We value our clients and love what we do

  • We adore our employees

  • We hold our partners in the highest esteem

  • We are curious about everything

  • We stop at nothing to deliver the best results

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